Welcome to Six Red Carpets


Six Red Carpets was one of my all time favorite indie rock bands until their unexpected breakup in 2009. I setup this website as a central hub where old and new fans can find and share Six Red Carpets music and lyrics, as it is no longer available anywhere else.

On the right you’ll see the latest featured video and to the bottom three of their most popular tracks with music videos. SRC isn’t for everyone, but you should at least have a quick listen before you decide it’s not for you. The best place to listen to SRC is outside, surrounded by nature, so grab your pair of outdoor speakers and stream the music from your smart phone. Don’t use earphones, it’s not the same. We also have a database of lyrics for popular SRC tracks and a Facebook page with musings from lead vocalist, Alan.

Asphalt Song


Bring Me Noise

To The Millions