If you love indie rock, then you must know Six Red Carpets

Indie rock is definitely a genre that still hasn’t reached the popularity it deserves and there are many bands out there who are so great but still struggle to come to the big scene and leave that shade of anonymity behind. Indie rock brings a lot of positive vibes and energy in general and such was the bank Six Red Carpets.

What made Six Red Carpets special?
This band originated from Milano, Italy and they indeed represented a new era, after pop and rock. They classified themselves as an indie rock band but they were much more than that. Their song were full of positive energy that was simply magical. There were four members of the band – Mills (Stefano Croci) who was the voice of the band and he also played the guitar), Majlco (Marco Palmizio) who played the guitar and synth, Fly (Luca Baldan) who played drums and Leaf (Efrem Borroni) who played the bass.

What was Six Red Carpets first album?
The band Six Red Carpets made their first album between the spring and winter in 2007 and it was called Nightmares and Lullabies. What made this album so special is that through each new song you could see that the guys were looking for their own identity and passion. There were a lot of pleasing acoustic sounds and also a lot of different sounds that reminded of the old punk. The melodies, in general, were romantic, unique, somewhat melancholic and even psychedelic at some moments. They definitely represented something new on the music scene and it’s too bad that they didn’t break out of the anonymity.

Why did Six Red Carpets break up?
People who listened to their album Nightmares and Lullabies were amazed by the music and how well it all went together. That’s why all the fans were surprised and shocked when the band Six Red Carpets fell apart in 2009. Now you can only find their music online but there are no news about the guys anymore. There is only hope that they will gather again and make that well-deserved breakthrough on the indie rock scene.