If you love indie rock, then you must know Six Red Carpets

Indie rock is definitely a genre that still hasn’t reached the popularity it deserves and there are many bands out there who are so great but still struggle to come to the big scene and leave that shade of anonymity behind. Indie rock brings a lot of positive vibes and energy in general and such was the bank Six Red Carpets.

What made Six Red Carpets special?
This band originated from Milano, Italy and they indeed represented a new era, after pop and rock. They classified themselves as an indie rock band but they were much more than that. Their song were full of positive energy that was simply magical. There were four members of the band – Mills (Stefano Croci) who was the voice of the band and he also played the guitar), Majlco (Marco Palmizio) who played the guitar and synth, Fly (Luca Baldan) who played drums and Leaf (Efrem Borroni) who played the bass.

What was Six Red Carpets first album?
The band Six Red Carpets made their first album between the spring and winter in 2007 and it was called Nightmares and Lullabies. What made this album so special is that through each new song you could see that the guys were looking for their own identity and passion. There were a lot of pleasing acoustic sounds and also a lot of different sounds that reminded of the old punk. The melodies, in general, were romantic, unique, somewhat melancholic and even psychedelic at some moments. They definitely represented something new on the music scene and it’s too bad that they didn’t break out of the anonymity.

Why did Six Red Carpets break up?
People who listened to their album Nightmares and Lullabies were amazed by the music and how well it all went together. That’s why all the fans were surprised and shocked when the band Six Red Carpets fell apart in 2009. Now you can only find their music online but there are no news about the guys anymore. There is only hope that they will gather again and make that well-deserved breakthrough on the indie rock scene.

Welcome to Six Red Carpets


Six Red Carpets was one of my all time favorite indie rock bands until their unexpected breakup in 2009. I setup this website as a central hub where old and new fans can find and share Six Red Carpets music and lyrics, as it is no longer available anywhere else.

On the right you’ll see the latest featured video and to the bottom three of their most popular tracks with music videos. SRC isn’t for everyone, but you should at least have a quick listen before you decide it’s not for you. The best place to listen to SRC is outside, surrounded by nature, so grab your pair of outdoor speakers and stream the music from your smart phone. Don’t use earphones, it’s not the same. We also have a database of lyrics for popular SRC tracks and a Facebook page with musings from lead vocalist, Alan.

Asphalt Song


Bring Me Noise

To The Millions

A Review on Dobby


Most consumer drones available on the market today fit in one of two categories: full-fledged UAVs like DJI’s Inspire, Phantom or Mavic, or portable “selfie” drones like Hover that prioritize size and convenience over features.

So, what about “in-between” drones? Drones that are easy to carry in a DJI drone case (available at BestBackPack.com), typically under the weight that requires FAA registration but still have at least a few serious features like GPS and basic autonomous flight?

Meet Dobby, a new drone made by Chinese-based startup Zerotech that is now on sale for $399.

Dobby is a foldable drone that is barely bigger than a new Apple TV remote and about the size of an iPhone Plus — but still has full-fledged features like stabilization via either GPS (for outdoor flight) or image recognition and ultrasonic positioning (for indoor flight). It also weighs just under 200 grams with the battery, meaning it doesn’t have to be registered with the FAA and literally fits in anyone’s pocket.

This positioning lets it stay relatively stable both indoors and outdoors. While using ultrasonic positioning and image recognition to stabilize a portable drone indoors isn’t new (Hover does the same thing) it’s rare for a portable drone to have a GPS chip that allows it to also stabilize itself outside and when flying at a higher altitude.

Mostly indoors — and it performed great. The indoor positioning and stabilization was flawless, and the controls were accurate enough to navigate throughout rooms in my house. In my opinion, this is where Dobby shines — it’s the perfect size to pull out and fly around your kitchen when you have a friend over who is asking about drones. Dobby has a 13MP camera that can take video in 1080p, and has advanced photography features like auto-tracking and orbital shot tracking. Dobby also has 16MP of onboard memory to hold your photos.

But, of course, having a super portable drone means some compromises. The battery only lasts around 9 minutes, and my testing was even a little shorter than that. I also noticed that the motors got really hot after just a few minutes of flying, but this didn’t seem to affect performance. And because the drone doesn’t have a controller, it connects to your iPhone via Wi-Fi, which is a blessing and a curse. It’s great because its doesn’t require to carry a separate controller around. But everyone who has flown a Wi-Fi-controlled drone knows the connection isn’t always the most reliable, especially at a long distance.

The iOS app to control the app also isn’t the best — it’s a little clunky, and seems like it was originally designed for the startup’s China-based users, with a focus on sharing content that you create with Dobby. But once you figure out how to get past that and to the main controller screen, it’s just as good as any other iPhone-based drone controller.

Essentially, Dobby isn’t a drone that is going to fly hundreds of feet over your house like a Mavic. But it’s not supposed to. It’s meant to fall somewhere in between those Cheerson CX-10 nano drones and a professional-grade Inspire 2, and it does this well.

God Forgotten Place – Lyrics

God Forgotten PlaceWind is slow but strong enough
To blow the fog, to clear the stars
Let shy sight wait for something
Unexpected, scaring enough
To blow this God forgotten place

Wind is slow but strong enough
And still the ambulance’s to come
Let me see how little is
The Earth compared to the stars
Above this God forgotten place

And If you in your car
Noticed me one step beside
As a river, life is a river coming to an end
The end of my life

Wind is slow but strong enough
To blow the fog, to clear my mind
I only want to be left alone, as I die alone
Don’t say a word , just get away

And If you in your car
Noticed me one step beside
I would not feel this
I would not paint my life at the end

And maybe you are a god
Maybe you meant it to come
Maybe you want me , to write the last song
Of my damned life

One last word I can say
I feel so sick to die in this place
I never imagined, never imagined
It could end this way

I dreamt the lights of New York
I imagined a life, not just a job
What if I left this nation of liars some years ago?

You still drive your safe car
Notice no one on your side
Did you forget or do you remember when I was alive?
I was alive